February 2018

Our previous attorneys didn't think we had a case and pressured us to settle. But Michael found a way to win our succession rights to our parents' apartment. His reassurance gave us the hope to persevere though the tough times.


September 20, 2014

Dear Mr. Mantell:

I appreciate the work you did in handling my case against the landlord.

You kept me informed all along the way, and kept our conversations brief and to the point. You set realistic goals, managed to get an acceptable settlement from the landlord, and brought the case to a timely and satisfactory conclusion. I thank you for making the settlement possible.



Mr. Mantell,

Thank you very much for your time and good counsel. I am very excited by my new job opportunity but have felt stuck and slightly afraid to pursue it - - I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help.

All the Best,


p.s. My husband says thank you too - I think he is sick of hearing me complain.

Dear Mr. Mantell,

Please consider this letter as a deeply thank you, as you come along all the way for me. Couple of stages during hearing I strongly thought that, we have lost the case and I lost hope too. But it was your determination and persistence which turned every fear away.

I am not only thanking you because you have sent me the check but also that, you prove in the court that we were right and didn't made the case just because we were tenants, and landlord's responsibility to provide every safeguards possible, to ensure safety of his tenants.

In-the end I-am-thanking you-again deeply from. my heart, and hope-that in future if we need legal support you will be there for us.

Very truly,

S.R and S.R

I just want to Thank You for giving me some advice...You are absolutely correct, I found the 2nd petition...The claim is I am a Month to Month Tenant & They want to terminate my monthly agreement...EVEN though I've lived here as of date 14 years...I will call the Legal services Number you gave me tomorrow...Hopefully my family and I don't end up homeless.....Again, Thank You for your time!!!

P. T.
New York

Thank you Mr. Mantell with all help in this matter. I truly appreciate it....

S. L.


This office handled our tenant problem quickly. I was not sure what to do when the problem started but one call got me the info I needed and the help too. They took care of everything and we were able to move on and re-rent the place fast. Could not have done it without them!


I just want to say thank you, as you have come a long way for me. A couple of times during the hearing I was afraid we would lose the case but it was your determination and persistence which turned every fear away. I am not only thanking you because you have sent me a check, but also that you proved in court that we were right. In the end, I thank you from deep in my heart, and I hope in the future if we need legal support you will be there for us.

I am truly thankful for the help and good counsel I have received from Mr. Mantell. I feel certain that things wouldn't have turned out nearly as well without him.



Mr. Mantell was able to handle my eviction flawlessly. I could tell that he is experienced in this matter because everything went exactly as it should have. I am very happy I turned to Michale Mantell Law.


Thanks to Mr. Mantell, we have prevailed. We are grateful for all his hard work.



"We will always remember your caring for us. We thank you for your
helping. We are very thankful."

God Bless You!
M., J. & P. N
New York

February 2002

Dear Mr. Mantell,

I am not sure if you'll remember me. I'm the once-distraught grad student who you so graciously helped out regarding her living situation with roommates. I just wanted to thank you for taking such valuable time from your typically busy schedule to listen and offer advice. You even went steps further in reaching out on a compassionate level and checking to make sure I was doing okay (in terms of my health and state of mind). This meant more to me than words could express. I know that this wasn't a "normal" case and most others would have laughed at me while turning me away. You didn't and I am so very thankful.

The living situation is in a plateaued state, neither pleasant nor too unpleasant and because of your letter, the other 2 girls have pretty much left to me to go on with my own life.

I know you said that you said that you had a daughter near my age. She is so very blessed to have such a highly professional & respected father who is furthermore compassionate.

With great thanks,
D. K.

October 6, 2003

Dear Mr. Mantell,

Please accept our sincere appreciate for the assistance you provided my daughter and her roommates. As it turns out, they won the suit against their former landlord. It of course remains to be seen as to their ability to collect the judgment.

Either way, your kind assistance was critical in their success.

Thank you again.
M. S.


Dear Mr. Mantell,

Just a note to let you know how much we are enjoying our quiet apartment.

Also the retiled bathroom floor makes a big difference.

Thank you,
Happy Holidays,


Dear Mr. Mantell,

We will never be able to express our appreciation for your generosity and caring.

It is impossible for us to walk through the door of our new home and not think that it was because of you we were able to purchase it.

We feel very blessed to have you as our friend.

Now, if you would only come over!

L. G.