Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

New York Lawyer: Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

When you are involved in a dispute with a fellow partner or shareholder, resolving those disputes successfully can be critical to the success of your investments and your business. Michael Mantell is a New York City trial attorney who has over 40 years of experience resolving conflicts on behalf of shareholders and partners in New York businesses. He provides seasoned legal counsel for a broad range of business needs:

  • Resolving ownership disputes
  • Protecting your rights to business profits
  • Fighting breach of contracts

Company "Break-Ups"

Michael Mantell handles disputes related to the dissolution of a partnership or small business. He is familiar with matters like succession issues and other fallout from business break-ups. He understands that these break-ups can often be complicated for his clients, as they often involve emotions-anger or sadness-related to a family business.

From Settlement to Litigation: Meeting Your Unique Needs

Michael Mantell, a seasoned trial attorney, often focuses on forceful courtroom strategies to succeeded for his clients. As a solo practitioner, he has the flexibility to tailor his approach to your unique needs. He will take whatever approach is necessary including settlement, negotiation, or arbitration to meet your business needs. This is his common sense approach to effective and ethical legal representation.

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