New York City Collections Lawyer

Manhattan Attorney for Your Collections Needs

The success of your business often depends on the money you earn. So, when someone owes you money, you may need to work with a forceful and experienced trial attorney to collect what you are owed. Lawyer Michael Mantell has been helping resolve collection disputes for over 40 years. He brings comprehensive knowledge of New York law, fine-honed negotiation skills, and strategic sense in the courtroom to take effective action for you and your business.

Collections law can be divided into two distinct tasks: obtaining the judgment and enforcing that judgment against the debtor. Michael Mantell focuses on providing effective legal representation for both tasks because he knows that results often only come from commitment and enforcement.

Obtaining Judgments

Obtaining judgments against your creditors is often dependent on forceful courtroom advocacy. Michael Mantell, Attorney at Law, uses in-depth knowledge of the law combined with forceful courtroom advocacy to make sure that your voice is heard in the courtroom.


Getting you the money your business deserves usually requires following through once a judgment is obtained. Some attorneys know how to obtain a judgment, but it takes skill, legal knowledge, and dedication to make sure that those judgments are enforced. Collections attorney Michael Mantell is capable of delivering. He uses his over 40 years of experience to take action when it comes to post-judgment remedies. He takes a strategic approach to enforce the judgment, including filing judgment liens against the judgment debtor's assets and designing repayment plans that work for the particular debtor in question.

Contact collections attorney Michael Mantell by calling (212) 750-3896 to schedule a confidential consultation about your collection needs, from obtaining judgments against debtors to enforcing those judgments through post-judgment remedies. Working with seasoned New York City trial attorney Michael Mantell can help your business achieve its goals.