Breach of Contract

New York Breach of Contract and Business Law Attorney

Resolving a breach of contract with a partner, vendor or your employer doesn't have to result in courtroom litigation. Many contract disputes can be resolved through less costly and time-consuming methods. New York trial attorney Michael Mantell offers over 40 years of common sense legal advice to small business owners and corporations throughout the Midtown area.

Protecting Your Rights and Success in the Marketplace

Speaking with Michael Mantell early in a contract dispute often leads to a satisfactory solution without the need to resort to expensive litigation. Contact an experienced business law attorney focused on settling contract-related issues involving:

Whether you cannot afford to go to court in a small business dispute or a contract requires commercial arbitration to resolve a breach of contract matter, Michael Mantell not only has the investigation skills and resources to aggressively defend your interests, he is a persuasive negotiator who has honed his argumentation skills over the last 40 years with business litigation, courtroom trials and arbitration proceedings.

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Get answers to your legal options concerning a breach of contract or other business dispute. Contact Michael Mantell, Attorney at Law. At his Midtown law office by calling (212) 750-3896. The law office is easily accessible from public transportation.