Anti-competition Clauses

Manhattan Lawyer for Non-Compete Clause Litigation

New York City attorney Michael Mantell has been working for over 40 years to protect the business interests of employers and employees. So when you have a business dispute involving a non-compete agreement, he can take action to enforce or protect your rights.

The right of employees to compete with their former employers is an issue frequently subject to litigation. When a written employment agreement restricts a former employee's ability to compete with their old employer, the courts are sometimes reluctant to enforce a non-compete agreement. Given this legal environment, the skill of an experienced attorney is often needed to take effective action.

Trade Secrets

New York courts are serious about prohibiting unfair competition. So when a former employee tries to exploit trade secrets and uses them to unfairly compete with a former employer, courts often take action. Michael Mantell can advocate forcefully for your interests. He knows it often takes a strong lawyer to win in the New York City legal system and he is up to the challenge.

Answering Questions About Your Anti-Competition Agreement

When you have questions about how your employment perspectives or business interests may be affected by New York non-compete law, contact Michael Mantell, Attorney at Law. Mr. Mantell's Midtown law office is available by calling (212) 750-3896. The office is easily accessible from public transportation.